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Information on the novel corona virus



Region Norrbotten is thoroughly following the developments, is in contact with the responsible authorities and is following their recommendations regarding the new coronavirus and the disease covid-19.

The present state in Norrbotten

Number of persons in the region that have been infected with the virus:

Public Health Agency of Sweden (in Swedish)

This is how we stop the spread of the disease

  • Stay at home from work or school and avoid social contacts if you have respiratory symptoms, fever or cough.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your face and eyes.
  • There´s a ban on visitors at the hospitals of Norrbotten.
  • If you are sick – always call 1177 or contact Digitalen instead of visiting a hospital or clinic.

Do you have a booked healthcare visit?

If you can´t come to a visit it´s important that you make a cancellation. The easiest way to do this is by logging in at You cannot call 1177 to cancel a visit. If we have to cancel your visit we will contact you.

Don´t call 1177 or 112 unnecessarily

Help us to keep then lines open for the ones who really need to come through.

Do you have questions about the corona virus? Please start here:

  • Visit for information and self care advices.
  • for safe information from authorities.
  • Phone number 113 13 for general inquiries. If you only have symptoms related to cold, stay at home until you are well. If you have high fever, breathing problems or more serious symptoms related to respiratory infection, please dial 1177 or contact Digitalen before you visit a hospital or clinic.

Do you have questions about certificates?

Unfortunately healthcare can´t help you with specific certificates to cancel travels or other activities as a consequence to the present situation related to covid-19. Likewise we can´t give you a certificate that states that you are well.

This is the work procedure of Region Norrbotten

Disease control Norrbotten has a regular follow-up communication with the Public health authority and other regions in Sweden. At Region Norrbotten there are also locally developed routines for handling cases of presumable infections with the new corona virus in order to prevent the spread of infection.

19 mars 2020
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