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About the County Library/Engelska



In collaboration and partnership with municipal public libraries, we at the County Library design and improve professional services, communication methods and online resources. We are the hub and coordinator of the various projects, programmes and networks.

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The County Library is seeking to ensure the professional development of its library service through cooperation and interaction with the public libraries. We are at the heart of ongoing projects, collaborations and networks which we bring together. We provide a supportive and advisory role for the library staff in the county, and coordinate work meetings and further training. 

The vision of interlibrary collaboration in the county:
The Libraries in Norrbotten are an integral and natural part of people’s lives and everyday activities. In this way we are helping to make Norrbotten a more enriching place to live in.

The County Library is also seeking to ensure that the range of literature, media and services made available to Norrbotten residents is comprehensive, of high quality and relevant. 

The priority areas of our remit are the participation and co-creative activities of children and young adults, the development of communications and web resources, and the highlighting of Norrbotten literature. The County Library shall also - in conjunction with the municipalities and National Library - follow up County plans for library services.

The common portal for The Libraries in Norrbotten is called

Your library card and password will give you access to the core of our library services at any time of day or night; you can listen to audio books, reserve books, extend loans and read e-books on your computer. Naturally you can do so much more without your card too, such as looking for and receiving tips about books, films and music. We combine inquisitiveness, benefit and pleasure on the Internet!

Contact: Maria Öman, email:, Editor of and Consultant at Norrbotten County Library.



Polarbibblo, which was started in 1997 and is run by the Norrbotten County Library, is an active website today where children make their voices heard.

This is done by users sending in texts and drawings or creating our special online picture books. Before publication, the material submitted is always processed by the editorial team, in many cases in conjunction with the sender. The idea is of course that this interactive facility will stimulate the children’s interest in reading and writing and thus help ensure that the content is dynamic and forever changing.

As of 2010 the website has been managed in collaboration with The Libraries in Norrbotten. The editorial team consists of staff from several of the public libraries and the County Library. Every year the popular activity Barnboksveckorna (the Children’s Book Weeks) is run in conjunction with the public libraries.

In addition, every month all those children who have sent in a contribution can, if they wish, take part in a book lottery where they can choose between different kinds of books for children and young adults depending on age and interest.

Here we present the author and his or her work. You can also read short extracts from selected books. We also give out some unusual facts. 

By Norrbotten authors, we mean authors who were born and have grown up in the county or live or have lived here for a time. That said, their work need not have a connection with Norrbotten. 

The first portraits were published in 2005, and the collection has increased every year. 

Contact: Maria Öman, email:, consultant at Norrbotten County Library.


The Libraries in Norrbotten

“One library for 2013” was the name of a cooperation project between the County Library and the public libraries in Norrbotten. The idea behind this was to make more widely available the stock of books and audio books and to create a library network with a shared computer system, catalogue and book transport system. Everything is now in place and has been up and running since January 2013.

The Libraries in Norrbotten have thus put in place together a structure which makes it easier for all the borrowers and friends of the Norrbotten libraries. A shared library computer system and catalogue offers an excellent range of books, audio books and other media to Norrbotten residents. The book transport system is coordinated so that Norrbotten residents can now use the library of their choice in the county for borrowing or returning books.
The work is carried out as part of the project “One Library for 2013” under the auspices of the County Library management team.

1 mars 2022
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